Studio + Produktion


I have already worked on various projects with different artists at some of the most renowned recording studios in Berlin.

From the legendary Hansa Studio, to the Emil Berliner Studio, Dorian Gray, Studio Wong, to the Nhow Studio with a spectacular view of the Spree.

Timing and groove, but especially musical playing, are our top priorities.

ARAG - Drums

Ballon - Drums

Joris (Mays) - Drums


During my studies not only instrumental playing and composition were on the curriculum, but also recording technique, mixing and production.

This enables me not only to finalize my own compositions, but also to realize mixing assignments in the box.

Heldenratten - Mixing + Mastering

Faust die Rockoper - Mixing + Mastering

Hamlet die Rockoper - Live-Mix

The BossHoss - Recording + Editing